Auto Power-on & Shut-down

Auto Power-on & Shut-down

Schedules automatic power-on, shutdown, and similar events for your PC
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As you can easily deduce from its name, this program allows you to schedule automatic power-on and shutdown events for your PC. However, you can also schedule other similar events, such as restart, shutdown, log off, lock session, and hibernation. Besides, this tool can also launch programs, terminate processes, open files or web pages, or simply show text messages at the specified date and time.

But the most impressive feature of this program is its capability of recording mouse and keyboard actions as macros, which can also be scheduled for automatic execution. Thanks to a simple and neat user interface ─ which doesn't include any difficult or incomprehensible controls ─ anyone with a minimal PC usage experience can also use Auto Power-on & Shut-down. Basically, you can create, modify, or remove scheduled tasks. To create a new one, you need to select an execution frequency, among once, daily, monthly, annually or at specific days of the week. Besides, you need to specify the execution time and the tasks to be executed.

The program allows you to select only one of the following tasks: power-on, restart, shutdown, lock session, standby, hibernate, log off, and close monitor. However, you can set multiple concurrent complementary tasks to be executed automatically, like macro execution, program launch, program termination, file or URL opening, and show a text message, among others.

Auto Power-on & Shut-down allows you to perform several extra tasks, besides all the ones mentioned above. For example, you can password-protect the program, configure it to run as a system service, and provide a username and password for automatic Windows logon. Moreover, you can use the program to synchronize your system clock with an atomic clock over the Internet, and export your own tasks as files for later import and use.

In short, Auto Power-on & Shut-down is a versatile tool that allows you to make much more than simply scheduling automatic power-on and/or shutdown events. As I mentioned above, the program can also be used to perform many kinds of tasks, and even to record macros for subsequent use.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Easy to use
  • Simple user interface
  • Allows you to schedule recurrent tasks
  • Allows you to record mouse and keyboard macros for automatic execution
  • Allows you to configure automatic tasks to be executed along with your scheduled events
  • Capable of performing automatic Windows logon
  • You can use it to synchronize your PC clock with an Internet atomic clock
  • Supports task export and import


  • The automatic power-on function may not work on some systems
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