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Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.4

Auto Power-on & Shut-down is a power scheduling tool
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Auto Power-on & Shut-down is a power scheduling tool. It can supposedly turn off your system or power it back on automatically, by means of a scheduling system. It has a very complete and robust one which even includes a macro recorder.

The program relies on an excellent scheduling system to power on and shut down your system. To tell the application what to do, you have to add tasks. They allow you to do a variety of things. First of all, they can be scheduled to be run daily, just once, monthly, annually, or even at specific days during the week. You can of course set the start time for each task and add a reminder on-screen for a few seconds.

The tasks allow you to power on, restart, shut down, hibernate your computer, or set it on stand by or lock the active session. You can also close the monitor or log off. After each task, you can run an application or macro, open a file, URL or simply show a text message. The macro recorder works well and it allows you to test your macros before activating them.

It should be noted that this application will not be able to power on every single computer you try it on. It may work for some people and it may not for some others. In my case, it didn't, but I don't really have an easy setup. What I like is that the application testes its capabilities the first time you run it, so you know for sure whether powering-on is going to work for you. The rest of the features worked well enough for me.

José Fernández
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  • Macro recorder
  • Excellent scheduling options
  • Tests to determine if the app is going to work


  • Power-on didn't work for me
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